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I purchased and received eight boxes or 6-months of the total variety that was offered by eFoodsDirect about five years ago. In July 2018 I opened some Granola; it was so rancid you could smell it all throughout the house.

After inspection all Granola and other efood packages were bad as well. I contacted their office and was supposed to get replacements. Have received nothing after 6-months and their phones and voicemail are in- operative. No need to worry about buying/ordering from this defunct company.

Be careful, other Utah companies are similar. After living in Utah for about 70-years I can attest to this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Efoods Direct Granola Cereal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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"What made you think that granola would stay fresh for five years"

I guess their claim that of 25 year freshness.

Most of the food I opened that contained any oil was rancid.

After spending thousands of $$$ on this stuff I hoped that it would have lasted more than 5 years.

Glad I found it before I "needed" it.

Emailed them and no answer.


Please help other readers of this forum. What made you think that granola would stay fresh for five years?

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