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I bought a 324 and 123 serving of food from them for back up in case of a hurricane down here in Fl. Back in 2014. Did not think to try any of the food till now when I got out of work and didn't have money for food so I thought hey great I got this back up food source. Well went to go try out my food and one after another that stuff tasted like poison or rancid and could not eat it. When you try and reach out to the company no response. I even... Read more

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We purchased over $600 worth of food for emergency use in 2013. Once it arrived, we tasted each different type of food purchased. The cheesy chicken rice, beef stroganoff, veggie Alfredo, & Mac & cheese were pretty good. So we stored them in the closet in AC. I just recently cooked each of the flavors because we were moving & it made things easier & supposedly cheaper to just eat that. They all were rancid!!!! I was so angry that we spent all... Read more

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I purchased around 500 dollars worth of e-foods storable food 4 or 5 years ago. Decided to try some of them. Am not finished sampling yet but so far the Granola is completely rancid and inedible, even adding it as an ingredient destroys the entire mix. The dumplings taste like a chemical factory. I don't expect these to be four star cuisine, but these are horribly inedible. I have not yet contacted e-foods and will update this as soon as... Read more

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I bought a 3 month supply from Efoods Direct just under 4 years ago. I did receive my order in a timely fashion, and tried one of the soups right away. at this time, I was satisfied (the Tortilla Soup I sampled actually wasn't too bad). I stored my order inside, in an air conditioned room. Very recently, I experienced some financial problems, requiring me to use my emergency food supply. To my dismay, the foods tasted AWFUL. ALMOST EVERYTHING... Read more

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All three of the water purifiers sold as part of my packages OVER $4000 !!! have defective filters. That was NO.BARGAIN since the mfg of the water systems.DONT SHIP TO MY STATE. . I bought them to.use in an emergency. NOW IS THE EMERGENCY & They are unusable.

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I just found these reviews as I was about to buy or try again EFoods. I've decided not to buy from them. I had rancid bread mix and several other products were terrible that I purchased for my daughter in WA and myself in NC. I called over time the issue was settled but not before I really got angry and threatened them. I believe the company grew too fast, got too greedy and did not have the customer service or product control ready. I had... Read more

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I opened a tote to make some wheat bread. The package was in horrible condition. The aluminum foil lining was eaten off by the mix (I assume). It was gross. I called and the lady said she would call back, but never did. Also I opened some granola and the smell almost knocked me down. Nasty smell and I sure would never eat it. Is this the way it's all going to be??? I have had mine several years, but they said it would last 25 years. I spent a... Read more

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We bought efoods direct foods and over Christmas opened some soup packets because financially things were tight. The food tasted terrible!!!! I just got off the phone with the company and they would not do a thing about it. They even went so far as to say that the food doesn't have to taste good. My question is why would you sell food if it taste awful? So to the person that commented before me the soup doesn't last and it doesn't taste good... Read more

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I bought a case of cheesy potato soup to start, got another one along with some other soups. Very good products. I'm surprised there is a whole website on efoodsdirect being bad. I mean really. Do you expect granola and tropical fruit dried to last that long? Dried soups will. Granolas and fruits do not. Get some soups and make sure you got good clean water and actually eat this stuff, don't just let it sit for a disaster 5-10 years from... Read more

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Their website specifically says their food lasts for 25 years. Bought a month's supply in October 2010 and just had to dump the packet of granola and the packet of tropical dried fruits from each week's supply. WTF. That's 16 granola meals and 32 Snacks. Their product is expensive and I don't expect to be dumping it. Should get a refund for this and all they say is that "Oh yes, those items only last up to 5 years." Would not purchase from this... Read more

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