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We bought efoods direct foods and over Christmas opened some soup packets because financially things were tight. The food tasted terrible!!!! I just got off the phone with the company and they would not do a thing about it. They even went so far as to say that the food doesn't have to taste good. My question is why would you sell food if it taste awful? So to the person that commented before me... Read more

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I bought a case of cheesy potato soup to start, got another one along with some other soups. Very good products. I'm surprised there is a whole website on efoodsdirect being bad. I mean really. Do you expect granola and tropical fruit dried to last that long? Dried soups will. Granolas and fruits do not. Get some soups and make sure you got good clean water and actually eat this stuff,... Read more

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Their website specifically says their food lasts for 25 years. Bought a month's supply in October 2010 and just had to dump the packet of granola and the packet of tropical dried fruits from each week's supply. WTF. That's 16 granola meals and 32 Snacks. Their product is expensive and I don't expect to be dumping it. Should get a refund for this and all they say is that "Oh yes, those items only... Read more

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brother-n-law gave us a week supply as Christmas gift. We tried dried packaged soups, they tasted terrible. Chemical after taste & too salty. Even our dog turned his nose up from it. Add comment

We've ordered approx. 5 times from eFoods, good price, timely shipping, 1 problem solved rapidly. Also ordered from WiseFoods. FOLKS the U.S. Gov is BUYING ALL THE FOOD much of the ingredients, MOST places like eFoods are having trouble even getting their ingredients. Call them up, talk with the guy/s in charge. As for rancid, check for pin holes in your mylar bags/dates. U.S. Gov is behind much... Read more

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Our first samples of Cheesy Chicken and Rice was very good and tasty, so I ordered a case. When we tried it, it had a very bad aftertaste, a somewhat chemical taste. I had ordered over $1,000. worth of food at the same time, but have not ordered since 2011 because of this bad experience. Ref. 320123160158308398 I would like to know if this case can be replaced by one we can eat, because we cannot... Read more

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I opened my whole wheat bread mix to find an expiration date on the packs less than they promised And the oil in the mix had gone rancid. It was a mess...poor communication with manager of customer service and lots of excuses. Now Sara in customer service is working to find my two year old orders which are no longer in their new system.... i an feeling badly about E Foods right now...Don't... Read more

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I ordered a one month supply from E-foods using them for the first time. After two weeks have gone by and no delivery, I went back online and E-chatted with Isabella who told me it was back ordered. Two weeks have gone by and no communication letting me know what`s going on. She claimed that they don't have automatic updates for customers letting them know the status for their order, but I got... Read more

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on 3/15/14 our Paypal account was charged $1,500 for emergency food and as of today 5/15/14 we have nothing to show for it. I called them on 4/28/14 and spoke to "Mandy" who advised Paypal orders were somehow dropped from a new computer system. She acknowledged it was their error and the order would be shipped that day. I called again this morning and after 20 minutes on hold I was switched to... Read more

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ORDERED FEBRUARY 20, 2014. Here it is March 20th, no email from them except for the order confirmation and notice they got my money within 12 hours of placing the order. Called, spoke with a Georgia. Talk about obtuse! She could provide me with absolutely nothing! partial ship, no planned ship, not a *** thing!...and there is obviously no product on location as I was repeatedly told. Why... Read more

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