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EFoods Direct
Main address: 6905 South 1300 East #199 84047 Midvale UT
800-810-4441, , http://www.efoodsdirect.com/store/index.php/contacts/
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I ordered a one month supply from E-foods using them for the first time. After two weeks have gone by and no delivery, I went back online and E-chatted with Isabella who told me it was back ordered. Two weeks have gone by and no communication letting me know what`s going on. She claimed that they don't have automatic updates for customers letting them know the status for their order, but I got... Read more

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on 3/15/14 our Paypal account was charged $1,500 for emergency food and as of today 5/15/14 we have nothing to show for it. I called them on 4/28/14 and spoke to "Mandy" who advised Paypal orders were somehow dropped from a new computer system. She acknowledged it was their error and the order would be shipped that day. I called again this morning and after 20 minutes on hold I was switched to... Read more

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ORDERED FEBRUARY 20, 2014. Here it is March 20th, no email from them except for the order confirmation and notice they got my money within 12 hours of placing the order. Called, spoke with a Georgia. Talk about obtuse! She could provide me with absolutely nothing!...no partial ship, no planned ship, not a *** thing!...and there is obviously no product on location as I was repeatedly told. Why... Read more

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I purchased food from EFoods Direct a few years ago and stored it in my air-conditioned home. When I opened some cans, all of the cans with dairy products are spoiled and must be thrown away. A significant portion of the package has dairy products in it, so my investment was a huge waste of money. Canned products should be able to last much longer than what I've had. Another problem with this... Read more

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Dear Sir/Mam, Since I have been reading and listening to infowars.com for over a year, I decided to show support for infowars by making an order with Efoods for over $1000 worth of food. Unfortunately Efoods cheated me by saying that they would send me a free bonus pack of free drinks and deserts. I never requested and I never wanted the free bonus pack. Then later I found out that the free bonus... Read more

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I called reference to a radio program advertising 6 free meals just pay shipping and handling. When placing the order I was told that the average price per meal after the introductory offer would be about $2.00 per meal. The "Free" offer cost $14.95 for six meals. I was skeptical but The radio program made the food sound so alluring I thought I would try it anyway. When the order arrived, I... Read more

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I've ordered from eFoods for several years and have been very satisfied with their products and service. That has come to an end for me. I ordered a case of their pancake mix on Nov 29 2012 and they processed the cc payment on Nov 30th. I have a confirmation email from them and that's it. On Jan 2, 2013 I called and was told: 'Your order is one of the older ones and the shipping warehouse... Read more

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On Dec. 6th, I ordered 2 holiday gift packs after they promised to send them the next day. I was going to mail them as Christmas Presents and needed immediate delivery. Two weeks later , they still had not shipped them to me.,, i received them 1 week after I called & filed a complaint. I've heard a lot of complaints of missing item from orders, So I opened both holiday packs and sure enough there... Read more

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What a joke. We ordered over a month ago and it still has not showed. If you order from them you need to plan way way far ahead. In-stock / a joke . Timely / a joke. Being able to deal with a customer / a joke. Putting a customer off repeatably / truthful. Fabricating false shipping labels / truthful. I was told four times that the order would ship that night and I would get a tracking... Read more

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This is a low budget operation that you are financing for free because they charge your card immediately and then have not shipped the order for over a month now. I do not recommend you waste your time dealing with this pathetic operation unless you are DESPARATE! Hey Shenk!, put some of your advertising budget into getting some inventory to actually sell! If your *** actually lasts for 25... Read more

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